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National regulations du catch

Athletes who voluntarily and repeatedly violate the following rules will be disqualified from the current match.

1: It is forbidden to pull the hair, attack the eyes, strangle (graze by the throat) or bite

2: It is forbidden to intentionally pull the jersey or any other equipment worn.

3: It is forbidden to strike with closed fists or with the tip of the foot.

4: It is forbidden to attack an opponent on the ground.

Athletes violating the following rules will be automatically disqualified and penalties may be incurred. 

1: Not intentionally throwing an opponent over the top ring rope.

2: Do not   throat attack

3: Do not use the power hammer grip

4: Breaking an illegal contact or key before the count of five by the referee.

5: Do not use outside objects.

6: Do not interfere with the work of the referee.

7:   Do not attack an already beaten opponent.

8: Any physical intervention by a third person such as manager, team member or corner man is prohibited.

9: 4-man fight, rescue rule:  It is forbidden to save a member of his team from a fall or a submission hold more than once.

10: Do not intentionally strike in the crotch or kidney area.


Victory Rules: 

1: We understand by “ tombé ” when an athlete has both shoulders riveted to the mat by his opponent.

2: Match in one fall: A fall for the count of three gives the victory

3: Match in two pinfalls: Two pinfalls for the account of three give the victory

4: Point match: The athlete practicing the most pinfalls within a given time limit wins the match.

5: Withdrawal: In all cases a withdrawal is an immediate defeat.

6: KO: If an athlete remains on the ground for a count of 10.

7: Technical knockout: If the referee considers the outcome of the match decided, especially when a submission hold is applied.

8: Out of the ring: If an athlete sorts out of the ring the referee makes a count of 10 before declaring the athlete the loser. By outside the ring, we understand any area outside the ropes of the ring.

9: Championship: A disqualification or a count out of the ring gives a victory but will not be valid for the championship.

Situations not described in these rules are left to the judgment of the referee.

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